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What Sarees are in fashion now ?

Question by Uzaif Answers On 19 March 2020, 16:17:01

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Answer by Uzaif Ali On 19 March 2020, 16:27:24

In indian fashion saree trends change every other week but we have gathered some of the most trending sarees which are high in demand in the markets and in the bollywood and TV too, ___________________________________________________ Draped Sarees Plain Sarees Ruffled Sarees Long train Sarees ___________________________________________________ These types of sarees are being worn in glamour world, bollywood screens and TV shows, you may be worried about the colors and the designes so don't worry and go with these, ___________________________________________________ •White •Grey •Beige •Black ___________________________________________________ as long as designs are concerned go with these, ___________________________________________________ •Floral •Handlooms •Net •Velvet ___________________________________________________ Follow the trend and look trendy, Wish you happy evenings & beautiful days beauties.

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