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What to do if not working or error?

Question by orbi login On 11 January 2021, 15:23:19

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Answer by orbi login On 11 January 2021, 15:43:31

If not working or getting error. Getting 'site not found' or ' can't reach' error. Orbilogin page takes forever to respond or refused to connect to server. Giving 404 error on  

This is indicates that either there is network issue, or cables and wires are loose or broken. 

Refer: not working error

  • Check all connected devices, may be cables or wires are loose or broken.
  • Position of orbi router or satellite is not as recommeded. 
  • Some hard wall or electromagnectic devices near orbi router may causes orbilogin not connecting not working error 
  • Refer: not working error to fix orbilogin/admin not opening error. 

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