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How to pick the best luxury tent: the biggest must-knows

Hiking, hunting, camping, and luxurious glamping are increasingly popular activities. The growing demand has triggered a tough global competition between manufacturers catering to campers’ varying needs. Glampers (campers who want to “camp glamorously”) take great care of comfort and want to enjoy a refined and comfortable outdoor experience. Many companies produce portable luxury houses that are made of high-quality materials and feature elements and accessories that can make a hiking trip into a little pleasure cruise.

General info about luxury tents

There are tons of factory and luxurious individual design solutions for this category of products. Manufacturers are doing their best to impress buyers and satisfy their aesthetic and utilitarian requirements. Many temporary shelters are good-sized and look like miniature rural houses. They provide a lot of space and are fit for all types of terrain. A good luxury tent should be able to make residents feel comfortable and keep them safely away from rain, snow, heat, cold, and wind. Most portable luxury houses are large in size. They are designed to accommodate a family and have enough space to fit cots, chairs, tables, bedside cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. Moreover, they are made to fit luxurious campgrounds where there are sources of electricity, water, and other amenities.

Shelters come with sturdy metal frames. Most of them are made of high-quality alloys. Canopies may include wooded walls and floorings, as well as glass doors and windows. Some luxury shelters get pretty close to city homes in terms of mod cons and feature bathroom areas, which can be equipped respectively. Your choice should depend on some fundamental factors, such as your budget, goals, preferences, taste, etc. The following paragraphs discuss the most important criteria of choice and describe some products that are currently available for sale.

Types of glamping shelters

Like regular tents, luxurious glamping little houses come in a variety of shapes, and each type has its own pros and cons.

Safari (wall) tents come in different shapes and designs, and there is one thing they have in common — vertical walls. Campers can stand and walk in your tiny shelter without bending. Glampers expect products to be light-weight and easy to handle and transport. It takes a team to erect a safari glamping canopy because most of them are large.

Bell-type canopies come in a wide variety of designs and sizes, and there are large-sized luxury versions as well. They are outstandingly stable, as the circumferential canvas rests on the central pole and is reinforced by guy ropes that are attached to pegs hammered into the ground. These products are popular among glampers as well, who choose large-size modifications, as they can house a large group of people.

Yurts have been around for centuries, and yurt-type temporary homes pretty much replicate the shape and structure of this old-time dwelling. All yurt-style temporary luxurious houses are circular. They include a metal frame with a tension band that supports the roof structure and prevents the walls from spreading. The walls and roof are usually made of canvas, tarpaulin, and plexiglass. These materials are durable and are known for their ability to withstand extreme outer conditions for many years.

“Domes are universal, and they are fit for all types of campgrounds, camping sites, resorts, and wild locations. Large and spacious, they can accommodate a big family and can serve as event halls, cafés, conference and business presentation halls, etc. Manufacturers are experimenting with designs and take great care to make user-friendly and easy-to-pitch little residences. Most dome-type shelters have a spherical or rounded appearance, which helps campers use the space inside effectively.

There are so-called permanent luxurious shelters that are intended for use in one specific location for a long period of time. They are installed on platforms and are mostly used for business purposes — as dining facilities, for exhibitions and business presentations, celebrations, and various events. Such luxury tents should be installed professionally and connected to electricity and other networks. This appears to be a pricey option and not quite as good for mere glampers who want just to spend a couple of days outside of a city.

Whichever type of luxury tent you choose, one thing you know about them is that they are all pretty large and spacious. Another thing you should remember is how comfortable you are going to feel in your portable house. This is mainly about the interior.