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which vegetarian food items one should add to their diet to stimulate hair growth?

Question by Anu Gupta On 04 February 2021, 22:18:01

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Answer by Anu Gupta On 05 February 2021, 11:16:17

Hair is one the most essential elements in the appearance of the person. Hair not only makes a person
look attractive but also boots up the confidence in them.

Hair growth depends on many factors like age, genetics, lifestyle and especially the diet we consume.
There are some essential nutrients that provide strength to the hair the hair like protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, folate, biotin etc.

Some foods rich in one or the other of these nutrients are:

* Flax seeds and chia seeds: flax seeds and chia seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids. They are
great for hair growth and strength. One can have them with greek yoghurt, or a teaspoon of
grounded faxeeds in lukewarm water. Soaked chia seeds can be taken with smoothies and

* Berries: berries are loaded with vitamin C and are good antioxidants. They protect your hair
follicles from getting damaged.

* Sunflower seeds: these seeds are full of vitamin E that promotes hair health. They can be taken
in dried and roasted form.

* Nuts: nuts like almonds and walnuts are loaded with nutrients for hair growth. They must be
taken regularly for good hairs.

* Spinach: Spinach has some beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C for
stimulating hair growth. It can be cooked in tomato gravy, can be added to soups etc.

* Sweet potatoes: they are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes the production of sebum, which
helps keep hair healthy.

* Sweet peppers: they are rich in two essential nutrients vitamin C and vitamin A. Sweet peppers
can be easily added to veggies and salads.

* Avacadoes: they are again great source for vitamin A and vitamin C. They are delicious healthy
fats that relieves brain from any kind of stress.
Try an adding these food items in your diet and then see the difference in your hair growth and

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