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Why can't access login?

Question by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 12:48:33

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Answer by tplink repeater On 22 January 2021, 12:55:42

Can’t access login page

Unable to open admin panel. Or can't reach tplink extender login page. Getting not working error. Read the reasons why you not able to load or open login page.

Reasons- Why not working error?

  1. Inappropriate or inadequate tp-connect extender arrangement. 
  2. Arrangement and position of repeater isn't right, or might be excessively far from switch. 
  3. Utilizing not viable internet browser. 
  4. tplink extender firmware not refreshed. 

Source: not working refer this guide for other reasons that may causes you issue in access tplink repeater login page.

These are some essential reasons that may causes not working mistake. Follow the manual for gain proficiency with the reasons and advance strides to fix tp-interface extender login issue. Stay away from deficient connection with router to fix not working error​

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