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Why choose the extendable dining table?

Question by corner tube On 07 September 2022, 08:22:49

Answer by corner tube On 07 September 2022, 08:26:18

We like to get together to share a good meal, but sometimes the lack of space at the table restricts us. The joy of organizing a big feast or a birthday party gives way to the disappointment of not being able to invite all the people who matter to us. Whether you have a large space or not, the extendable dining table will be the solution to your problem. Extension systems, formats, advantages, styles and selection criteria, discover everything you need to know to choose the ideal extendable dining table.

Two extension systems

Tables with integrated extensions. For this type of system, there are several different mechanisms:
• the butterfly with unfolding panels located in the middle or at the ends of the top;
• the flap, at the end of the top, whose panels unfold using hinges;
• the wallet where the extensions are pulled on each side;
• extendable round tables with automatic opening of the extensions by rotation of the top.

Removable extensions that can be positioned in the center or at the end of the table. They have the advantage of offering several depths, but you will also have to find a place to store them.

Several formats

The extendable dining table is available in several formats. The friendliest of all, the round dining table that turns into an oval to accommodate even more guests. Moreover, if you like the original side and you have space, you can directly turn to an extendable oval shape.

The most practical, the square dining table which becomes rectangular for festive meals. If your room is long, opt directly for a rectangular extending table. Each guest will find their place around their tray.

Many advantages

The main advantage of an extendable dining table is obviously its versatility. This queen of transformation will adapt to all your needs without weighing you down on a daily basis. Last-minute guests, good improvised food? And hop, in a few movements, you can enlarge it.

The extendable dining table is therefore optimal for small spaces. This ability to adapt is highly sought after when you do not want to compromise between the number of people you can receive and the functional side. It will also find its place perfectly in a larger space and give it depth without overwhelming it.

Its price is a little higher than a classic table, but tell yourself that it will always be cheaper and much more practical than buying two tables.

Available in multiple materials and styles

The materials and shapes give their styles to the furniture. A dining table, whether extendable or not, is available indefinitely. In glass, lacquer, laminate or wood, it's up to you to choose its look according to your desires and your budget. Go for examples on

The wooden table is the most popular. All in wood with carved legs and you get a warm rustic table with a strong character. Two cross-shaped bases with clean lines to immerse yourself in a mountain chalet atmosphere. Metal legs associated with an oak top for a decor with vintage influences.

Criteria to consider when choosing the extendable dining table

The first criterion to take into account will be space. Set the maximum table size your room will accommodate. Next, ask yourself about the number of guests you usually invite. If you invite many and often, the square or rectangular shape will be the most suitable. If your meals are mainly in small groups, turn to the round or oval shape.

The second criterion will be the materials used. Depending on the age of the people, the ease of cleaning and the desired style, you will have to favor certain materials over others. Glass and lacquer are easy to clean, but beware of scratches and fingerprints. If you have children, avoid its materials or protect the table during the meal. Wood has all the required qualities, solidity and ease of maintenance. It's up to you to find the best match between look and functionality.

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