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What is importance of breakfast? What to eat and what time to eat breakfast?

Question by Ujjwal Kashyap On 15 February 2021, 15:46:28

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10 reasons why breakfast is important

Breakfast is very important for all of us, an important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast is a must for our health and weight management, but skipping breakfast is the worst option. Having breakfast in the morning is just a matter of habit and routine. Taking just 10 minutes out of your day to make and eat something healthy in the morning can be easy and very beneficial. Oatmeal, whole-grain bread with low-fat cheese, fresh fruits, or hard-boiled eggs are some of the easy and healthy breakfast options, which will not take much of your time, but you will feel a great difference in your health, mood, and appearance. One should make morning meals their priority and include it in their habit. Eating breakfast daily can solve most of your problems.  

10 reasons why you should never skip your breakfast and have a healthy meal each morning:
1.   The very first reason is the morning meal boosts your metabolism.
2.   Having breakfast can keep your blood sugar levels stable during the day.
3.   Nutritious breakfast decreases the risk of starving as well as cravings and overeating later in the day.
4.   Researchers have shown that individuals who eat breakfast take in more vitamins, fiber, and minerals throughout the day.
5.   Breakfast is necessary fuel not only for your body but for your mind as well. Having a healthy breakfast helps improve your concentration and productivity throughout the day.
6.   Eating breakfast helps you feel fuller for a longer duration and eat fewer calories throughout the day that will eventually help you in maintaining your weight.
7.   Individuals who skip their morning meal tend to have lower energy levels as well as less endurance and strength to engage in physical activities.
8.   You can experience worse mood swings during the day if you don't eat breakfast.
9.   Not eating breakfast may influence your memory as well, resulting in poorer memory.
10. It has been seen that individuals who regularly skip breakfast are much more likely to become overweight and have a higher risk for serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Does eating the same thing for breakfast every day helps you make better decisions?
Eating the same food for breakfast actually helps in better decision making. Research into the willpower and self-control has found a concept called decision fatigue, which means the more number of decisions we make throughout the day, the worse is decision-making ability becomes, in essence, our daily decision-making power is limited. The most famous research into this phenomenon of decision fatigue Jonathan Levav of Stanford and Shai Danziger of Ben Gurion University tested over 1100 decisions that Israeli judges had made in a court of law as to whether to grant prisoner parole or not. Prisoners who were presented in front of the judge at around 9 a.m. had a 70% chance of being granted petrol, whereas by mid-afternoon the chances dropped to 10%. The authors said this difference was due to decision fatigue, they said it leads to people taking the easy way out thus making sub-optimal decisions.

What time are you supposed to eat breakfast?
It is said that one should eat their first meal of the day within 2 hours of waking up; typically somewhere between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. fewer adults today have breakfast, which coincides with the increase in obesity. The Bogalusa heart study has shown that74% of the individuals who skip breakfast did not meet two-thirds of the suggested dietary allowance for vitamins and minerals compared with 41% of those who ate breakfast. Individuals who regularly skip breakfast are also more likely to have higher blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels with high blood pressure. While there is a relationship between skipping breakfast and obesity, having breakfast has a limited impact on weight loss probably because individuals today tend to eat various times during the whole day and the daily calorie intake and food preferences have a great impact on weight than breakfast alone.    

5 foods to avoid eating in the morning:
In the morning, most of us are in a hurry and due to that most of the time, we eat whatever we find first. This habit can be very harmful to our health. So we should take care of what we eat as breakfast and what we should not eat at all costs.

1. Breakfast cereals
Many individuals think that cereals are the best choice for having breakfast but honestly, they are not good for your health. It can be quite shocking because the brands claim that these products are rich in basic nutrients and are best for having an empty stomach but this reality is different. These products are highly processed and contain a very small amount of whole grain; these are full of sugars which can lead to obesity heart disease as well as diabetes.

2. Flavored yogurt
Flavored yogurt is loaded with sugar and sweeteners, which is more than the quantity that is found in regular soft drinks, so we should avoid having them in the morning time.

3. White bread
It is considered as everyone's favorite for breakfast but it is really not an ideal choice for your health. White bread has no nutritional value and when we spread chocolate sauce or butter on them, they become even worse for our stomach.

4. Packaged fruit juices
You may have seen the doctors always recommend to us to have two juices every day but, the truth is that they are not healthy as we think they are. In reality, they are the worst choice one can make while trying to lose weight by maintaining their diet. Most of the packaged juices contain very less amount of juice and are sweetened with sugar which is very harmful to our health.

5. Smoothies
Smoothies are considered good for health but it is not a great option when it comes to breakfast. Smoothies are very high in sugar, as they are loaded with fruits. Drinking smoothies in the morning can make you experience a quick rise in your blood sugar levels. This is why one should avoid smoothies for breakfast and have it for evening snacks. 



Breakfast is indeed a most important meal of the day.

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