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Would retailers be out of the game after this pandemic ends?

Question by Priya Maheshwari On 02 February 2021, 14:18:17

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Answer by Priya Maheshwari On 02 February 2021, 14:19:16

Covid19 has brought in a lot of changes in the way companies used to reach their customers. While most of the people are not moving out of their houses and most of the shops are even shut, companies have tied up with delivery partners, cab aggregators, etc. to do the doorstep delivery of the essentials. This can bring about a complete paradigm shift in the way the traditional retailers have operated all these years.

A few examples of such tie-ups are-

  1. ITC Ltd has partnered with Dominoes as a delivery partner.
  2. Flipkart and Big Basket have partnered with Uber.

All of us know that the price of particular good increases if there are more players in the distribution channel. And especially in such tough times when every organization is trying to cut down on its operational costs and still trying to reach the end-user do we foresee the companies trying to cut down these costs and try to reduce this chain post the pandemic ends.

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