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Address: Plot No. 943, Gannavaram M, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, 521102
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Are you suffering from sexual dysfunctions and concerns or seeking sexual enrichment or do you have a health condition that has affected your sex life or limited your sexual options? is to promote awareness, education and assistance with a wide range of sexual issues that are fundamental to one’s overall health and well being. Your sexual well being is an integral part of your health. The discipline of sexology studies sexual development, the development of sexual relationships and the practice/technicalities of sexual activities. Sexologists study sexual dysfunctions, disorders, and variations, including paraphernalia sometimes referred to as sexual deviations or perversions. At our, we sell products to treat Sexual Dysfunctions and provide professional sex therapy for individuals or couples who have sexual issues or concerns that are having a detrimental effect on their overall health and well being for a satisfying sex life.

Sexual Desire/Libido

Your sexual wellness is an integral part of your health. As professional medical advocates for sexual health, we believe that all individuals should be better informed in matters regarding sexual health, so that people are not afraid, confused or embarrassed or frustrated to address important issues fundamental to their overall health and well being.

Your Sexual dysfunction or complaint can be big or small, real or imagined, yet they are usually always treatable and manageable. Do not curse yourself. Whether it is your partner’s problem or yours – ultimately you are affected. However you can manage the issue. And, together as a couple your issue can be resolved so that your overall sexual well being and relationship can reach its full potential. Irrespective of your relationship status, communication often needs to be promoted to make easy for better understanding and interaction between the couple. This is where we can help You.

The panel doctors of, Dr. Ashok kumar and Dr.Ashok chakravarthi, works with patients and clients who have a wide variety of sexual concerns. All the Sexual Dysfunction problems can be addressed to them.

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