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Address: PVS Building, Opp KR Bakery Bypass Junction Mankave, Mini Bypass Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, 673007
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Mr.Ranjith Valayanad, one of the key masters at Kempo Martial Arts Academy is the creator of International ‘Power Yoga’ Practice which fundamentally enhances the mental and physical power and stamina of a human body.
People of any ages, or patients of any type can practice ‘Power Yoga’ with easiness and coziness, that’s how this wonderful inspirational Yoga has been composed by the founders. This will cure any old diseases by the consistent purification process driven by the daily breathing exercises for any age group of people from 5 years onwards.

KEMPO ‘KEM-PO’ is one of the most successful Martial Art form which got formed and established at a city called ‘Kendon’ which is situated in the Northern side of China.
‘Conquer the enemies by aggression’, this was the initial training tag of this martial art form and hence this martial art form was widely used at the para-military bases to conquer their national enemies by aggressive moves.
‘KEM-PO, Icken-Ikkas-Thu – One punch kill’ as the name and interpretation suggest, this was widely regarded as the most dangerous martial art at the time. But as this Martial Art form could largely intensify the power and defensive skill of a human body, and by this reason alone, ladies and children were then predominantly and day-by-day adopting this recreational martial art form and within no time, KEM-PO was widely convinced by millions and regarded as one the most useful martial art forms of all times.
By the ‘Indian Martial Art Act’ in 1984, Indian Government accepted and registered the KEM-PO into the martial arts list. As the partial Chinese word ‘PO’ in “KEM-PO” means ‘mutual respect’, which was found-out and authenticated by Mr. V. P. Vasudevan, and he was then later assigned as the Director of the ‘International KEM-PO Academy’. Mr. V. P Vasudevan had enormous previous track records as a master in Yoga, Kalari and Karate in the State of Kerala, before he got into the KEM-PO Martial Art and its leadership.
For many years, many students were officially trained in KEM-PO and the students were guided by Mr. V. P. Vasudevan and one among his students Mr. V. P. K. Das came across to train a student named ‘Ranjith Valayanad’ and they together gradually initiated an idea of starting a KEM-PO Martial Art Academy at Calicut and that’s how ‘ARVIONS’ made its successful way to become a Martial Arts training Academy at Calicut and the first ever ISO Certified Martial Arts Academy in the entire Kerala State by its own right.

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