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Cenforce 200mg: The Best Way To Get Hard-On In Less Time - Cenforce 200mg is a sildenafil citrate tablet that is used to treat erectile dysfunction(ED) in men thus boosting their sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction affecting a man's sexual ability to get or keep long-lasting firm erections during sexual intercourse. Cenforce 200mg is an FDA approved pill used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is one of the best ways to get hard and stay longer on the bed. Cenforce 200mg is a branded drug manufactured by a leading pharma company, Centurion Laboratories. It is highly recommended by most doctors to cure impotence in men. Cenforce 200mg contains a high dose of sildenafil citrate so it is advisable to take it in extreme conditions and only on a doctor's prescription.

How Does Cenforce 200mg Work?

Cenforce 200mg contains sildenafil citrate as its salt which belongs to the drug class of PDE5 inhibitor and works by improving the blood flow to the penis which aids in an erection. Being a PDE5 inhibitor, sildenafil citrate in cenforce 200mg increases the level of cGMP by inhibiting its degradation by phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. The increased cGMP level in the corpus cavernosum of the penis stimulates the relaxation of the penile smooth muscles. This, in turn, boosts the blood flow to the penis which then helps in having an erection.

ED occurs when a sufficient amount of blood doesn't reach the penis which happens when the PDE5 enzyme degrades the cGMP and blocks its production. Sildenafil citrate in cenforce 200mg inhibits these enzymes and thus helps in achieving a firm and long-lasting erections. But the pill works only in the presence of sensual stimulation. In the absence of sensual stimulation, the drug won't be able to show its effectiveness.

How To Have Cenforce 200mg?

Cenforce 200mg should be taken orally with a glass of water and at least 30 minutes before the planned sexual activity. The pill should be taken as a whole. Don't crush or break it as it may alter its dose which can affect its effectiveness. One can have the medicine before or after a meal but it is recommended to take the pill on an empty stomach as a high-fat meal will increase the drug release time of the medicine and slow down its effectiveness.

Cenforce generally starts to show its effect within 15 minutes after intake and remains in your body for about 4 hours. It is advisable to not take more than one pill a day and keep a minimum gap of 24 hours between its two subsequent doses. It is highly advisable to not start or stop the intake or alter the dose of the pill as it may lead to some serious side effects. Take the medicine only on your doctor's prescription and as directed by him. Also, read the provided patient leaflet carefully before having the medicine.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cenforce 200mg?

Though cenforce 200mg is highly effective in curing erection issues in men yet it shows some side effects. These side effects may vary among individuals. Some of the commonly experienced side effects of cenforce 200mg are:





Stuffy nose




Blurred vision

Body and muscles ache

All these side effects are mild and mostly vanish with time without any special medical assistance. However, in rare cases, some patients encounter serious side effects like:


Chest pain 



Breathing problems

Sudden loss of hearing

Ringing in the ears

Painful erections that last for more than 24 hours

If you experience any of these side effects then immediately seek the help of your doctor.

What Are The Drug Interactions Shown By Cenforce 200mg?

A few drugs which you are taking for treating other health issues often interact with cenforce 200mg and alter its working mechanism. This, in turn, increases your chances of getting some potential side effects. Some of the common drug interactions are as follows:

Nitrates which are known to treat chest pain and angina interact with cenforce 200mg and cause a serious drop in your blood pressure which then leads to dizziness and fatigue.

Alpha-blockers are used for treating an enlarged prostate or hypertension and interact with cenforce 200mg also leads to lowering of your blood pressure thus resulting in dizziness and fatigue.

Drugs like HIV protease inhibitors, macrolide antibiotics, azole antifungal and hepatitis c inhibitors affect the removal of the cenforce 200mg from your body thus causing a hindrance in its activity.

Some antidepressants are also known to interact with cenforce 200mg.

Also when taken along with grape juice or grapefruit, cenforce 200mg cause some severe side effects.

If you take alcohol or illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana along with cenforce 200mg you may experience dizziness and fatigue.

When To Avoid Taking Cenforce 200mg?

Under the following conditions, it's better to avoid the consumption of cenforce 200mg to minimize the risk of any side effect:

Do not take cenforce 200mg if you are allergic to sildenafil citrate or any other ingredients of the medicine.

If you are a breastfeeding mother or a pregnant lady then avoid the intake of the pill.

Do not consume the pill if you are below 18 years of age.

Tell your doctor before taking the pill if you have a medical history of heart disease, kidney or liver problems, blood-related diseases, bleeding issues, vision problems, active stomach ulcers, priapism, spinal cord or pelvic region injury, deformed penis.

Let him know if you have undergone bladder or prostate surgery in the past 6 months.

It is advisable to not drive or get involved in machinery or any other work that needs concentration after taking 200mg as it may lead to blurred vision or dizziness.

Avoid the consumption of cenforce 200mg if you are already taking other ED pills of the same drug class.

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