Chintan Maternity Hospital

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Address: 226, 230, Galaxy Mall, Opp-Jhansi Ki Rani BRTS, Near Venus Ground, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 380015
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  • Chintan Hospital is a long cherished child of a renowned and dynamic doctor couple from Ahmedabad. After passing the MS in Orthopaedics and serving as an assistant professor in Jamnagar for 9 months, Dr Mehul decided to settle near his hometown Ahmedabad in early 90s. He, along with his wife, Dr Hina, a well-trained gynaecologist from MP Shah Medical College, Jamnagar selected a town place of Dholka to start their private practice with two main motives - To serve the needy people where they require the medical facilities the most and to repay the debt of the society.
  • To fulfil their motto of serving the general community, they started The Chintan Hospital in February, 1993 in a small premises. Despite being limited in space as well as being in a town place, the hospital was the first amongst its kind to have novel and modern facilities at that time, even more than many of those in the city. Image intensifier machine, cordless telephone system for doctor calling, A/C rooms, closed method of fracture fixation were few among the many.
  • Due to courteous and mixing nature of the couple, as well as utilisation of modern techniques to give the best treatment led to highly successful results of their treatment in each and every patient. The fame of the couple began to rise quickly and they became well-known in all surrounding region in a short span. Despite being famous, they continued to serve the community with same commitment and affection without break. They don’t seem to remember even on how many days they were not even able to take lunch due to heavy workload.

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