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Address: 1351, North Buckner Blvd, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75218
Vendor Types: Service Provider
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Credence Medicure Corporation is a US Corporation providing Global Medical Commissionaire and Concierge Services for Telehealth and Medical Tourism through an exclusive Online Platform.

Credence Medicure Corporation has been formed in the state of Texas with a vision to be a service provider for the healthcare industry. The prime focus area is to promote Medical Travel around the globe using the tools of Telemedicine. We also work as Intermediaries for the development of medical care infrastructure in underserved areas of the world.

Telehealth commonly known as Telemedicine refers to the concept of delivery of healthcare at a distance by connecting doctors to patients who are not physically present with each other. Advancements in Information Technology have revolutionized this mode of healthcare delivery. The increasing number of e-visits, expansion of telemedicine in areas of radiology, cardiology, behavioral health, and many others has resulted in the evolution of new business models in telemedicine.

Medical Tourism as it stands today, is an emerging phenomenon when consumers seek health enhancement from destinations away from their homes, seeking good quality medical care at cheaper prices or for pursuing advanced medical treatments to cure critical ailments not available in their communities. Though medical tourism as a modern industry, has been taking shape since the last decade it still remains in infancy. Somehow till today, no service provider has successfully used the tools of telehealth for promotion of the medical tourism business. The use of Telemedicine for Medical Tourism is a novel business model that has not been put to use to date and can be called Virtual Medical Tourism.

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