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Address: RDP - 10, Padma Nagar Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400067
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We help people to create Wealth through Dr. Jonwals Complete Health. The Best Ayurvedic Panchkarm treatment provider in Mumbai, India. Owned & managed by well experienced (29 years), Highly Qualified MD (Mum) Doctors Team. We have a Female Gynaecologist MD (Mum) too for your convenience Our staff is dedicated, in house trained & well experienced All Ayurvedic Panchkarm treatments under one roof at most reasonable rate. Which Corrects Maintains Harmony of Body-Stomach, Brain-Hormones, Mind-Soul, Allergy-Immunity, Degeneration-Nourishment for GOOD Health. Synchronization of all is successfully maintained for Wellness. Disease Control - Cure, Prevention Health Preservation are attain simultaneously Successfully. There is epidemic of Multiple Diseases like Heart Disease, Diabetes, BP, Liver, Kidney, Brain, Uterus Diseases & many in Society. Multiple Disease management is successfully done at Dr. Jonwals Hospital under one roof. Cardiologist, Diabetes-BP Specialist, Male Infertility, Piles Specialist Expert in Multiple Diseases Management through Dr. Jonwals NAP Therapy-Advance Ayurvedic Panchkarm. He has Expertise in management of:- Heart Diseases, Blockages, Diabetes, BP, Infertility, Prostate, High Cholesterol- Lipids, Dyslipidemia, Obesity, Paralysis, Hair Fall, Baldness, Skin Diseases, Psoriasis, Nasal Block & Polyps, Sinusitis, Acidity, Gas, Constipation, Piles – Fissure – Fistula, Rheumatism, Osteoporosis, Fragile Bones, Arthritis, Spondylosis- Cervical – Lumbar, Kidney Disease, Kidney Stone, Liver Diseases, Alcoholic Liver, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis of Liver, Liver Fail, Hepatitis – B & C, Gall Bladder Stone, Allergy, Asthma – Bronchitis – Lung Fail – TB MDR Epilepsy- Fits, Convulsions, Migraine, Vertigo, Colitis, IBS, Urethral Stricture, Incontinence – Urine & Stool, Vata- Pitta- Kapha Disorders.

Successful treatment for all problems of:

 Hormones, Brain, Mind, Immune, Allergy, Body, Stomach, Cancer, HIV, Amyloidosis & other
 Cure Without Operation-Cure - Control & Prevention, Health Preservation.
 Assured Results in 2 to 10 Days in some cases in 1 – 2 days as well.
 Ensures Best Possible Treatment according to Diseases, its root causes - Dosha - Complications.
 Dr Jonwals Natural Bypass For Multiple Blockages of Heart Vessels - Peripheral Atherosclerosis in 23 Seatings.
 Dr Jonwals Natural Bypass For Multiple Blockages of Brain vessels - Atherosclerosis - Ischemic- Atrophy - Infarct - Degenerative Neurological Diseases in 45 seatings.
 Dr Jonwals Natural Stem Cell Therapy for all Ischemic- Atrophy - Infarct - Degenerative Diseases in 45 seatings.
 Pain management, Thermal Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, TENS, Cupping, Dr Jonwals NAP Medical Yoga, Food Therapy.
 Dr Jonwals Palliative Care for Terminal stage patients of Multiple Organ Failure like - Heart fail, Brain fail, Kidney failure, Liver Failure, Hepatitis B - C, Cancer, HIV Positive & Others..
 Dr Jonwals Rehabilitation Centre for Post Surgery like Bypass, Brain Surgery, Stroke - Paralysis (CVA), Cancer Surgery, Spine Surgery, Parkinsons, Alzheimers..
 Multiple Diseases - Successful management under one roof.
 Female Infertility of any cause or unknown cause.
 Male Infertility.
 Dr Jonwals Super Health for Healthy 100 year.
 Super Multi Speciality Hospital for Multiple Diseases.

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