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Address: D.No: 16/10/23, Presidio Towers, 2nd Floor, Srihari Nagar 60 Ft. Road, Near TDP Office, Minibypass Road, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India, 524004
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Dr. KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC encourages the view of spreading the message that the human body has the capacity to provide cure for its own ailments through various drugless therapies. Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the body can heal itself. It aims to improve health, prevent disease, and treat illness using organic foods and exercise; a healthy, balanced lifestyle; and the use of treatments from other areas of complementary medicine.

Dr. Kamalendra Babu is the moving force of these activities. Wealth can provide things to enjoy the materialistic world. But can the same wealth cannot bring or achieve peace and contentment. An expensive bed from the market can be bought, but not sound sleep. We can buy medicine but not health. We can live in luxury but may not find tranquility of mind and contentment.

In this modern world, people live much longer than they used to. While no one can argue that expanding the average person’s lifespan is good, many people are not enjoying the quality of life that we would hope as they get older. Most of the people have chronic conditions that overpower their daily activities or they get diseases repeatedly, which ultimately raises health insurance premiums.


KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC helps maintain your body and good health throughout your entire lifetime by offering the best method to prevent disease from happening in the first place. We plan your preventive health care and implement ahead of time, even when illness is absent. We help you build healthy habits which act as a defense against most illnesses and can provide a long, healthy, happy and a quality life.


Preventive health care is important. At KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC, we guarantee that you will thank yourself later by being healthier, having more energy and enjoying life to its fullest. Our happiness comes from your wellness.

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