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Address: 9-C Block, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India, 831005
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Dr. Saggu is a name well known for a family of Homoeopaths dedicated to the noble cause of serving people with the magic of Homeopathy. Dr. S.S.Saggu is the son of Dr. T.S.Saggu and Dr.(Mrs).Tajinder Saggu, both leading Homoeopaths. His grandfather Dr. G.S.Saggu was a Homoeopath and a scientific researcher of high esteem. The family is dedicated to the noble profession and is known for curing incurable medical cases from all over the world. Dr. S.S.Saggu passed his bachelor degree from Nagpur and has topped the Nagpur University in B.H.M.S 1st & 3rd. He is equally complimented by his wife Dr. Ami Saggu, an experienced Homoeopath from Mumbai. Dr. S.S.Saggu had a strong family history of eczema & atopic disease from both his parents. While still in 2nd year he developed severe Allergic Rhinitis for which he took Homoeopathic medicines but the ailment went on & he developed mild Asthma in 3rd year. Depressed after suffering from asthma he went on to take help from many physicians. The ailment got suppressed for some time and returned forcefully in winter. He then took a mixture of both (Homoeopathic & Herbal) which acted wonderfully to almost cure his asthma in about 6-8 months. He started working on the Homoeo-Herbal formula while still a student with a dream of curing people suffering from this incurable disease. For the past 20 years after completion of his degree he has cured thousands of Asthma patients from all over the world. Overwhelmed with the astonishing results from the medicine they have decided to spread the grace to the suffering humanity. The immune booster Homoeo-herbal formula will now be available only for children between 2-15 years age. The adult range will be available shortly.

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