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Address: 23/1480, Tekkemitta, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India, 524001
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As Mahatma Gandhi said "I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and nonviolence are as old as the hills", we have very little to say about us when compared to the incredibly great and many nobel prize worth winning contributions of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann M.D. succeeded by some high minded persons like Boenninghausen, Hering, J.T.Kent, H.C.Allen, C.M. Boger etc. who were very instrumental in bringing homoeopathy to the reach of mediocrity from the unmatchable standards of the founder. Last but not the least we are really blessed to be guided by our Guruji, a person of sheer benevolence and commitment, who had dedicated 60 years of his life to homoeopathy making it applicable to the Indian conditions and dietary habits. My father, on the name of whom our clinic was established, had practised homoeopathy for 30 years with immeasurable love and boundless dedication to the system. He was also very much influential while sowing the initial seeds of this immaculate science in our minds. Being born and brought up in homoeopathy, the seedlings grew along with me, which were shaped up gradually in the right direction by our adored Guruji by teaching us more than what we have learnt during our academics. As a succession to the above said rich heredity we are striving to popularize the genuine homoeopathy in theory and practice, which includes a research oriented case study, analysis and remedy selection to furnish the real fruits of homoeopathy i.e., a healthy life, to the patients by offering quality treatments basing on the fundamental principles of homoeopathy and maintaining standards as set by the founder in our best capability and sincerity. Homoeopathy not being a mere subject of academic concern, has proved its capability in curing the chronic diseases in the hands of many meritorious physicians. We, on part of us, are striving hard to discharge our duty faithfully by taking up and curing challenging cases, which are stubborn to cure in other systems, which alone establish the supremacy of the impeccable science.

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