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Address: P.T. College Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, 380009
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Today lot of me people know me and praise me for my classic emotional photographs, but how it started is an interesting story. I would like to share with my friends how I started my journey in to photography. As a youngster I was invited in one of my friends sister marriage, she was little elder then us and I was looking for a job as a marketing person in those times, but hadn’t joined any company for the same.. I was just sitting near the place where matrimonial ceremony and all puja’s are done. As the ceremony started I somehow realised that my friends sister wasn’t that happy and I found her little confusing at that moment. I had a small mobile camera with hardly 5 megapixel in it. I just captured that moment and as time went by I clicked some more pics with her different moods. Rest everything went as usual and the marriage function was over. When I went home on that night and in my bed I kept thinking about my friend’s sister and all her emotions she had gone through in those two-three hours of marriage ceremony. When I was going through the pics taken by me I realised that she was happy for some time, she was worried for some time and she had an unknown fear on her face. After few day’s when I went to my friends place they were looking at the photographs which were taken by the professional photographer who had taken the photographs on that auspicious day. I also saw those pics and liked quite a bit and at the same time I took out my mobile and showed the family the pics I had taken. Few people saw and things were as usual but suddenly my friends father told me that he needed my mobile for a day so that he can develop the few photo’s which were taken by me and on that day he told me one thing which I will never forget and which made me a photographer for rest of my life. He said I had a good eye for emotional moments and I understood when to click, I just casually asked why do you feel so uncle, and uncle told me that see photographs are taken by camera and emotions are captured by the human eye. Rest is history.

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