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Today, in our youth society, lack of confidence, fierce competition, negative attitude, betrayal by self and mental disturbance arising out of unemployment problem has made them a victim of mental diseases due to which people are also moving towards drug addiction. People suffer from this because each age group has its own 2 problems which can lead to depression, fearless without Cause, mania or mania, epilepsy, insomnia (jerkiness). Convulsion), etc. The said Bimario can be diagnosed permanently by herbal treatment, which can cure the disease in a short time and the chances of recurrence are less, while some people get dizzy with Ojha sokha time and money. Both waste

Since ancient times, Ayurveda method has been proven to be a panacea in eliminating the most fatal disease disorders. Herbal medicine (herb) is more effective in human diseases than in English. Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Dwidoshaj, Typhus, Sataj (injury) Most of the patients of Acute Mania come to us only after deteriorating with English treatment (Electric Shock). In English treatment, the patient is put to sleep by giving medicine while we treat about 40 herbal herbs by Panchakarma, Yoga, Pranayama. Treatment of Ras Rasayana is effective in incurable diseases.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), Ayurveda is the only AC therapy that eradicates Bimario, usually this herbal treatment does not cause any side effect. To date, no permanent cure has been possible in modern allopathy medicine for many incurable Bimario, these herbal medicines revive body and mind by purifying them. (Total detoxification and purification of each and every cell of the body and mind) Pranayam connects the main stream of life with the patient's body by becoming pranamaya and giving full health, in fact this is the specialty of herbal medicine.

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