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Address: 1st floor, Kandoor Shopping Mall H.No: 1, 102/4, SVP Chowk, Thimmapur Circle, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India, 585103
Vendor Types: Service Provider
Currency: INR (Rupees)



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Homeopathy is a system of alternative or natural treatment introduced and developed by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann 1796. Homeopathy treatment mainly includes liquid mixtures which are made out of plants, vegetables, minerals, and animal and synthetic substances. Homeopathy believes that a substance which causes disease in a healthy person is more likely to treat the disease with similar symptoms in a sick person and henceforth proved himself by giving a positive result. It aims at treating a person as a whole and believes that when a person gets sick, his whole body, mind, and spirit gets affected. Homeopathy Treatment strengthens the body’s immune system to fight against diseases. As this treatment is based on natural substances, it is safe for all age groups and has no side effects when compared to other conventional treatment methods. 

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