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Several hundreds of People across the globe have found great relief from the Knee treatments at Indian Ayurvedic Hospital. We help you get relief from pain, stabilise the joint and heal the the damaged tissue through authentic, scientific and age proven Ayurvedic Therapies and medications. Online consultation via Whatsapp and call is enabled on this website. Please feel free to contact us. If you can Visit our doctors during consulting hours for expert advice, that's the best. Ayurveda is establishing balance in body and mind. It's basis is in the 5 element theory( Pancha maha bhutha). Our body has all five elements which form it's Prakruthi (Nature). generally one or combination of two elements will be dominant and determines the body nature, attitude, lifestyle and inclination of the personality and they are called 3 Doshas ( 3 Distortions), Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  When a Dosha  is dominant, it's important for other two  to maintain balance and that is called Aarogya (well Being). (Eg) If you are a Vata type Person, It's important that Kapha and Pitta are in Balance and this your Vaidya ( Ayurvedic Physician) can help you with.

Health Care and Ayurveda •Ayurveda helps in both prevention and cure, Prevention via diet, daily routine, monthly routine, Yoga, Meditation and Brahmacharya. • The cure involves medication (Aushadha) and various cleansing processes for both body and mind, which are basically divided into 5 categories, called The Panchakarma. • The Fire(Agni) in the body performs various functions from metabolism to catabolism at cell level, it is important that fire is at balance. • It has been said that the whole Ayurveda is aimed at maximizing the protection and maintenance of Ojas( internal anti-dote to Ageing). • We, at the Indian Ayurvedic Hospital, help the individual to get healthy, grounded, and be in-line with nature along-side performing all the daily duties. Tridosha Theory   Dosha      Vishishtatha



(Nature/ Constitution)


(Cause for Distortion)




( Health management)

Vaata    Prime driving force for all activities.     Thin and lean body, dry, rough and thin skin, sunken  &small eyes, Creative, quick, understanding, Lively and enthusiastic personality.

Dry/cold/ less quantity of food, awakening during nights, excessive indulgence in running, jumping, walking, excercise, thinking, emotional stress and sexual activities. Forcible With- holding natural urges.      Pain all over the body, loss of energy, dryness in the body, bone joint pain, muscle wasting, nervous weakness, constipation. Stress and  Nervousness.

Moderate activity, adequate sleep, disciplined schedule, timely food and rest, Snehanam( oil treatment internally and externally), Meditation.

Panchakarma: Vasthi

Pitta    It governs both metabolism and Catabolism.    Moderate weight, soft, warm and moist skin, medium and sharp eyes, good digestion, leadership skills, focus and passionate personality.    Excessive use of oily/ spicy food, intake of alcohol, smoking, cafiene, keeping stomach empty for a long time, skipping breakfast, consumption of maida and non veg in large quantities. Excessive intake refrigerated food. Lack of Physical activity.     Acidity, All ulcers, Allergy, all inflammations, Hypertension, Anger and agression.

Be calm,  Rest and  Relax, eat fresh less spicy/ less oily  food timely, cold water baths, Medition and yoga. Panchakarma: Virechana



Kapha    It governs Stamina  and Energy     Obese, tendency for over- weight, thick, oily, cold skin, big, large, wide eyes, good stamina, slow digestion, sound sleep, loyal, calm, content, forgiving, loving and faithful personality.

Sleeping just after taking meal, drinking excess of water during meal, rich fat food, oily food, stale food, refrigerated food    Cold, cough, excessive salivation, obesity, laziness, dull, indigestion, excessive excretion, Cholesterol, diabetes, Depression     Drinking hot water,eating less food and Physical Exercise, shart hot, dry, fomentation. Avoid day time sleep. 

Udwartana(powder massage).

Panchakarma: Vamana


Walk-in Therapy Following treatments are done for REJUVUNATION to develop and maintain your OJAS(Vitality) Abhyangam - Full Body oil massage with medicated oils Abhyangam, Swedam - Full Body oil Massage with Medicated oils + Steam Abhyangam, Swedam, Siro Abhyangam- Full Body oil Massage + Head Massage with medicated oils + Steam Abhyangam, Siro Abhyangam, Swedam, Mukkhalepam- Full Body Oil Massage + Head Massage with Medicated oils + Facial + Steam Siro Abhyangam - Head Massage with medicated oils Mukhalepam- Facial Padabhyangam- Foot Massage with medicated oils ( Prior appointment is compulsory) Disease Specific Treatment Several patients suffering from various diseases got relieved from pain   

Our Specialisations

Arthrithis     Neck, Back, Hip, Knee and other joint pains, Osteoporosis, Calcification, etc.

Lumbar Spondilitis/ Spondylosis

Lower back pain, inflammation, degenration, Sciatica, Disc Prolapse, all spine related issues. Migrane    One sided head ache  Depression     Lack of sleep, Distress, over thinking


Erectile disfunction, vigour, Prostate related Complaints, Premature Ejaculation, etc

Skin Diseases

Psoriosis, All Hair and skin related issues, 

Gastro Intestinal Disorders     Indigestion, constipation, ulcers, hyper acidity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diarrhea

Cervical Spondylitis/ Spondylosis

Inflammation, Neck Pain, Degeneration, Disk Prolapse, Disk Fusion, Frozen Shoulder, Dislocation.


Stroke possibilty, Facial, Mobility issues, Preventive Treatments, Nervine Stregthening.

Kindney issues     Necrosis, Stone forming, urinary tract infections, Diabetes  etc.

Gastro Intestinal Issues

Liver issues, Digestion, Gall Bladder stones, Bile Production, Purification of Blood, Insulin Production, etc.


Headaches, Burning nostrils, Running nose, allergies, blocked nostrils, one side head aches, Flum formation in respiratory tract, etc.

Cardiac Issues

Obesity, High Cholesterol, Hyper tension, Erythropenia, Anemia, blood infections, thrombocitopenia

Uterine Disorders

PCOD, Over bleeding, Menstrual issues, hyper and hypo Thyroidism, Leucorrhea etc. Diseases of Children

Common Cold, Weezing, Over heat, worms, weakness, Growth and harmonal issues, Poor Digestion, lack of Appetite etc. Hair Care Hair and Ayurveda Have hair issues? Hair is not just a cosmetic part of our existence, it's a dynamic expression of the Body's toxicity and mental stress. Correcting Hair involves correcting metabolism and seeing solutions for mental Stress. Hair fall and split ends, Dry or oily hair with dandruff , Baldness, premature graying of hair, Low hair volume and growth,  almost every hair problem from dandruff to split ends can be cured through Ayurveda. Vision and Quality policy

• The Vision of Indian Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Limited is to emerge as a centre of excellence in Ayurvedic medical treatment by making the essence of ancient wisdom available to the modern world

• Hospital is committed to provide Quality Ayurvedic treatments to the needy people at an affordable cost with an updated knowledge and upgraded skills of it's personnel, ensuring the sincere teamwork in an absolutely hygienic environment with the sole objective of complete patient satisfaction. 

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