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Address: 616 & 617 Vishal Main Road, Hindpiri, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, 834001
Vendor Types: Trader
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Company Details

Khosla Electronics, Homemakers you can rely on – Leading Retail Chain of Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, IT products & Cameras in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. Khosla Electronics gives its customers best value for money, best range of products and the best available service in the industry. Serving Kolkata since 1987.  First showroom opened in April 1987, it is in Hazra, opposite to Basushree Cinema. It is just 225sqft showroom and we call it our mother showroom and is still the most valued and precious showroom to us. Further, we have many customers from that showroom, whose 2nd generation is now coming with their kids to buy products from here. Employees who had started their first job with us from very beginning are still working with us & have reached a higher position in Khosla Electronics Private Limited. It has been a long journey since we have started our business and at that point of time we just kept one thing in our mind which were taught by our parents – that we should be very true to our customers. We are from a very humble Family and our Father was a CA – qualified (which was very rarely found in those days) and Mother was home maker. Our parents had a vision that we should be self employed and have to help in job creation for others who are like us and to inspire them to do something in life. We opened our 2nd showroom in 1997 and after giving 10 years of day and night hard work to our business in Ballygunge, Park Circus (next to quest mall today), today it has become a landmark in that area and a pillar of Khosla Electronics Private Limited. After this there was no stopping. Its 2020 and we have got fifty Showrooms. 

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