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Address: Kohinoor Corporate House, Naman Midtown, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400025
Vendor Types: Trader
Currency: INR (Rupees)






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Company Details

Kohinoor was founded in 1967 by Mr. Ram Mewani, a visionary with a mission to create a brand that fostered greatness. He knew that the only way to build a truly great brand was to be sincere with all his clients, providing genuine guidance and excellent service. Under his direction and supervision, the company (originally called Ganesh TV Center) has transformed into a retail chain of 23 stores across Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Pune. His son Mr. Vishal Mewani shares the same passion & enthusiasm in helping Kohinoor Electronics scale new heights every day. I have always considered our customers as our biggest blessings and directed all efforts and resources towards giving them correct guidance and information in choosing products as well as providing them post-purchase satisfaction. Our sales and service is rendered to bring real joy and benefit to all our customers and this philosophy has now been adopted in our organization as a way of life. Kohinoor’s strength lies in curating luxury lifestyle products and successfully promoting them across all our stores. Our motto of selling joyfully has evolved from an organizational statement to a way of life for all our team members. Our commitment towards providing a wonderful shopping experience to all our customers has made us the fastest growing consumer electronics retail chain. This commitment stems from our firm belief that Champions Never Rest - even when we are the best we are striving to be better than our previous self.  Kohinoor’s growth story is a result of the outstanding team that we have built over the years. The most important pillar of our business are the people who make it happen day in and out at our showrooms as well as the corporate office. Their single minded dedication towards fulfillment of the company’s mission has helped us achieve so much in such little time.  At Kohinoor we are never satisfied with status quo. We constantly look for better opportunities to improve our offerings, in-store experiences and back-end processes. Continuous improvement is the key to our steady progress in a volatile market such as the one we are in today. Our commitment to continuous improvement has only helped us time and again with valuable insights.

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