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Address: Unit 15 Woodward Building, Victoria Road, London, London, United Kingdom, W3 6FA
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Company Details

Modular Rattan Garden Furniture is a company established in 2008 that specializes in modular rattan garden furniture. We use high-quality rattan to make natural wicker products, starting with a strong and durable natural frame, and then wrapping and weaving the rattan to create unique designs. Whether you are buying a holiday home or want to bring a natural and relaxing style to the living room you use every day, there are beautiful and comfortable options for you to enjoy.

Rattan furniture is a model of style and elegance. The flexibility and strength of rattan as a furniture material allows decorators to use it to create the most incredible designs. The rattan furniture set will perfectly match your interior decoration and can be easily integrated into any interior decoration solution. They are practical and stylish, which means they can be used not only for rest, but also for work.

4 piece rattan garden furniture is very suitable for outdoor use because it is a lightweight material and has a natural and elegant style. The crisscross weaving style provides solidity, plasticity and comfort for all kinds of rattan furniture.

Nowadays, rattan furniture is popular in home decoration, which not only satisfies the visual beauty, but also has a comfortable experience of warm in winter and cool in summer. Its natural materials provide a guarantee for the safety of the home. The rattan outer skin is smooth in color, smooth in hand, and excellent in elasticity. 

The compact and lightweight design allows the 9 piece rattan garden furniture set to be easily placed anywhere in your home, from indoor areas to terraces, balconies or gardens. It is available in a variety of colors and can be perfectly integrated with elegant terraces, gardens and balconies.


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