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MusicGyan Establish in 2014 since we added a lot of courses but our main course is Music Production & sound engineering Course in Delhi. 

We are providing the best courses at affordable prices. we teach more than 1000+ students in Delhi.If you are searching music production course in Delhi NCR Visit MusicGyan OnceFree Demo Available. We Provide Online Music Production Courses In India.

Today I am Give you Brief Information About Music Theory. Some student think music theory is a borning part of music production course, but I will definitely tell you if you miss a music theory part Its more likely you miss the basics of music productions. Why music theory is so important? Music Theory is important because music theory tell you which type of song you have to create You will learn about scales. Now your main question is what is scales? Scales in music theory Scales in music is very important , scales simply means sa re ga ma pa Dha ni SA. We have 12 sounds Their are different types of arranging in scales which leads you to get a knowledge of different types of emotions. Some scales feels happy, some are sad, some sounds scary, some sound romantic. its the most important part you have to learn. Now the next main topic in music theory is Chords? Chords? What is Chords?Basically Chords is a combination of 2 or more notes which are played together in a systematic manners called spelling. Major Chords , Minor Chords , Diminished Chords , Seventh Chords, Their are various types of chords But you should now chords formula invented from scales. So Learn scales.

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