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Address: Flat no 401, CH Street, Sonapur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400002
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Navroop Yoga was conceptualized in the year 2004 by its founder and MD, Mr.Navneet Kaintura. Since its inception, the company has been providing the best services to all its clients thus seeing immense growth in its clientele. Our highly efficient and talented yoga teachers devote their time and expertise to every customer thereby exceeding their expectations. Our trainer’s teaching techniques, positive attitude & extensive knowledge about yoga, have created a niche for Navroop Yoga and have made us a pioneer in imparting Yoga awareness and teachings to several clients across Mumbai. Navroop Yoga was founded and started in the year 2004 by Mr.Navneet Kaintura and Since its inception, the company has been providing the best services to all its clients. Navroop Yoga has been a pioneer in imparting Yoga training to several clients across Mumbai. We strongly believe that the mind and body are one and hence they should always be in harmony. Yoga can help find harmony and also help deal with body ailments. At Navroop Yoga, we expertise in all traditional, and modern styles of yoga that help in the vibrant transformation of oneself for betterment. The team at Navroop Yoga is full of zest and has a positive attitude towards every client they deal with. Our approach with clients is on a personal level, which helps our trainers to treat them with ease. We even ensure that our highly efficient and talented team devote their sincere time and work with clients to achieve the desired results. This positive attitude has helped us see immense growth in the clientele not only in personal and group training but also on a corporate level by associating with brands like Tata, Baggit etc. Navroop Yoga aims to influence people to live a hale and hearty life. Through our services we wish to connect people to their inner spirit which would eventually lead to happiness, peace and good health. Some enjoy yoga for its fitness benefits, while others do it for the peace of mind it brings. Not only does yoga involve positions that can increase flexibility and release tension, but it also has mental and spiritual benefits. The Health & Wellness program offers yoga classes for students of all ages and abilities who are dealing with injuries, stress, high blood pressure and/or recovery from surgery.

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