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Address: 8A, Padav, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India, 474002
Vendor Types: Service Provider
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SERVICES SEXOLOGY TREATMENT Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Low Sperm Count Spermatorrhea Lack Of Sexual Desire SKIN DISEASE TREATMENT Acne/Pimple's Eczema Psoriasis Vitiligo Wart's Urticaria/ Hives Allergic Dermatitis Herpes/Viral Chronic Abcess/Boil's FEMALE DISEASE TREATMENT Infertility Leuchorrhea PCOD Uterine Fibroid Menses Problem's PMS Menopausal Disorder's Obesity Back Pain Excess Weakness Breast Tumor / Vyst RESPIRATORY & ALLERGIC TREATMENT Weak Immunity Asthma Bronchitis Allergic Rhinitis Sneezing Frequent Cough ,Cold ,Coryza (Chronic) Allergy (Dust ,Cold , Any Kind ) KIDNEY DISEASE TREATMENT Kidney Stone Bladder Stone U.T.I Chronic/Frequent Pedal edema Swelling Or Body Any Kind Of Kidney Problem G.I.T & LIVER & BILIARY TREATMENT Liver Enlargement Fatty Liver Gall Bladder Stone Hepatitis/Jaundice Pancreatitis Liver Cirrhosis Low Appetite Indegstion Acidity / Chest Burn Constipation Diarrhoeq / Dysentry I.B.S Any Kind Of food Allergy HORMONAL & METABOLIC DISORDER'S TREATMENT Thyroid Diabetes Blood Pressure Obesity Undevoloped Breast (Female) Gynecomastia (devolopebreast in male) Under Weight (Lean& thin ) Short Height (Want grow height ) E.N.T. DISEASE TREATMENT Tonsilitis Mumps Throat Infection Stomatitis / Mouth ulcer Curt/Tumour Allergic Rhinitis Nasal Polyp / D.N.S. Adenoid's CANCER TREATMENT Oral Cancer G.I.T Cancer Lung's Cancer Skin Cancer Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer Any type of Cancer / Any Stage Of Cancer PAIN RELATED TREATMENT Rheumatism Gout Arthritis Neuralgic Pain / Numbness Spinal Pain Back Pain Pain Due To Injury Any Type Of Pain HEADACHE TREATMENT Migraine General Headache Chronic Headache Cervical Pain/Spondylitis Vertigo Blurred Vision /Weak Vision PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER'S TREATMENT Depression Anxiety Insomnia Sleepessness Schizophrenia Mood Swings Weak Memory Difficult Concentration HAIR & FACIAL CARE TREATMENT Hair Care Hair Fall , Alopecia , Male & Female Pattern Baldness , Weak Thin Hair , Split Hair , Unnourished Scalp , Dandruff Facial Care Acne , Pimples , Scar , Dark Circle , Wrinkle's , Waant Glowing / Clear Complexion

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