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Address: 512/10, Service Lane,, Outer Ring Road, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 560048
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ONPASSIVE is an inspiring and remarkable pacesetter of the marketing industry with its technologically advanced and impressive tools. The company’s entire focus is on enabling its members to lead a profitable and stress-free life.

Ash Mufareh launched ONPASSIVE in July 2018, and since then it is the talk-of-the-town. Ash is a visionary who foresees the market scenario and demands. He is a firm believer of “Everyone deserves a better and financially strong life”. He is a pioneer of online marketing and understands how the market works and what business owners want from their business.

What to expect on ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

Plug-n-Play Marketing Solution: ONPASSIVE is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform all manual activities of a business into an automated task force. This means member of ONPASSIVE would not have to think about recruiting the sales team or selling products. Once you have joined this company as a Founder, you can expect to get rid of monotonous and tedious day-to-day marketing activities. Guaranteed Free Traffic: It is one of the major points to worry for most of the online businesses. Many online companies do not get consistent and incremental traffic on their site. But ONPASSIVE, with its huge network and customer database, ensures free and consistent traffic on your business. Through its automated marketing tools, the company actively promotes your products and services on your behalf. Offline to Online Business: Since 3/4th of the population is using the internet today, hence being online is the need of the time. ONPASSIVE helps you to get there. The company has all the tools and resources to register your company online for creating your website. It makes sure your company exists on all social media platforms to post your products and offers. Digital marketing tools and services: ONPASSIVE provides following digital marketing services - Domain name registration, Web hosting, Website Builder, VPN, IP tracker, Email marketing, Video email and marketing, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, etc.

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