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Address: H no: 6-28/1,, Pembarthy, Warangal, Telangana, India, 506201
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Metal craft is not only among the finest, but also one of Indian’s most ancient crafts, dating back to more than 5,000 years. Metal and alloys like bronze & brass were used in ancient societies to make vessels for storage or for decoration, that cover a whole range of objects from the commonest utensils to the most intricately crafted masterpieces, coveted by connoisseurs of art all over the world. Pembarthi village in Andhra Pradesh has a history of outstanding workmanship of its Metal workers or “Vishwakarmas”, which can be traced back to the grandeur and glory of the Kakatiya Kingdom. Metal Craft attained the pinnacle of perfection in the high degree of skill displayed by the master craftsmen. The Vishwakaramas of Pembarthi were renowned for their rare skill, both in stone and metal sculpture and were patronized by the rulers for building temple, creating ‘Vigrahas’ – idols of the gods, ‘Vahanas’ – the chariots and other artistic accessories of temple sculpture. The brilliance of their artistry is evident in the magnificent Vigrahas which are example of moulded crafts and ‘Keerthi Mukha’, ‘Prabha’ – Pinnacles, which adorn many famous temple of South India. The grandeur of Kakatiya period gradually gave way to the Nizam supremacy, ushering a change in the artware of Pembarthi. The Vishwakaramas in the Nizam period designed and crafted articles of domestic decoration and home use like Paandans, Nagardans, Ittar pots, Shangardans, custom made in Silver & Gold. During this magnificent period the number of artisans families at Pembarthi is said to have gone up to more than 600. Craftsmen and artisans were renowned and recognized for their talented workmanship in Metal craft. The skill survived the ups and downs of the political and natural set backs and the post independence era witnessed resurgence of the art, which had oriented itself to meet the changed demand pattern that emphasized on the utilitarian rather than the exotic.

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