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Definition of Power Yoga – “A type of yoga which includes all the parts of yoga, existing together at the same time like Aasan, Kumbhak, Pranayam, Dhyaan, Kriya, Bandh. “ This is not just a yoga , it’s Yoga with an Attitude.  Power Yoga is a New View of our Relationship with our Body,Mind, Soul, our Heart, and our Relationship with the people around us, as well as on this planet. Power Yoga is directed at creating the highest level of Energy, Vitality and Freedom. The only way to do this is to work with you, not against yourself. By working hard sensitively, we create an Environment that's Healing and that Honors each Individual, an Environment that Respects ourselves and our boundaries and works within him or her. In this way, we Create an Atmosphere conducive to Natural Expansion, Motivation and Growth. Power Yoga teaches us the Skill of living through which Body, Mind and Soul and their Combined Energy forms a Powerful space that facilitates a person to live smoothly in this real world. Power Yoga is a passion. Through Yoga , body learns to control the mind and provides an access to live in this materialistic world in a smooth way. Power Yoga comprises majorly on 5 Elements : Pranayam : In Power Yoga, Pranayam is a very effective new scientific power breathing exercises. Asanas : It provides maximum Bending, Stretching, Expansion, Squeezing, Bone Density and Mobility as a result of which a Space gets Created in the Adjoining area of joints and capacity of joints increases and deposition of fat reduces. Kumbhak : Kumbhak is a Vacuum in the breathing techniques. Kumbhak facilitates calorie burn through which the elasticity of muscle increases and working capacity of heart increases. Kumbhak increases the capacity of internal organs and also increases the resistance in the body. Shuddhi Kriya : These kriyas are the Cleansing activities for both body and mind and there by increases their capacity.  Clean Body calls for Clean thoughts and viceversa.  Power Points:  Aahar(Diet), Aaraam(relaxation), Dhyaan(meditation), Way of life is a powerful way of living.

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