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Orthodontic treatment also called braces treatment is a branch of dentistry that corrects the improper position of the teeth and jaws by giving rooms to fit properly. Crooked teeth or crowded teeth do not fit together correctly and are harder to keep clean. Hence, they are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay like plaque and tartar and periodontal disease. It can also cause extra stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Teeth that are crooked or not in the right place can also spoil one's appearance and personality. The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime, and save from future oral issues. A specialist who deals in this field is called an orthodontist. Orthodontists have pursued extra training in this field after learning from dental school.

Tooth implant is a surgical fixture procedure that replaces natural tooth roots with a metal-like instrument called screw. Tooth implant treatment is performed when a tooth is damaged or lost due to injury or accident. The missing tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth that looks and functions like real ones. Tooth implants are a better alternative from other prostheses like dentures or dental bridges that don't fit well in the missing space. Implants can also be an option, when a lack of natural teeth roots don't allow building denture or bridgework tooth replacements. The procedure of dental implant surgery depends on the type of implant needed and the condition of your jawbone. If your bone is healthy then only tooth implants are considered to be fixed. Dental implant surgery involves several procedures. The major benefit of implants is solid support for your new teeth and its durability. The process can take many months because the bone requires time to heal.

Root canal treatment is a specialised treatment that is performed by a root canal specialist - endodontist, who have gained extra knowledge and experience in this field. Root canal treatment can be defined as the process of saving the tooth from the infection that has affected the deeper part of the tooth, by eliminating the disease from the pulp. The nerve of the root canal of the tooth is removed and cleaned properly so that no bacteria or infection should affect the tooth. Hence, the affected nerve is replaced with a filling material. Sabka Dentist performs the treatment with the advancement of dentistry and under full supervision. So if you’re planning to for the Root canal treatment Sabka Dentist is the right dental clinic to serve you.  Root canal cost in India starts from Rs. 3000/-

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