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Serene Life Hospital is one of the leading psychiatric hospitals in Chennai. Started by a team of committed individuals with a common cause, we have grown multi-fold in the past years. What started as a small intervention by us in 2012, has now grown into the largest and best psychiatric clinic in Chennai. Our Hospital treated more than 7200 people in the past 8 years. We take pride in providing world class treatments at affordable prices in Chennai. The ever-growing team of Serene Life Hospital has mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists and community health providers to help you in your recovery journey. Our treatments are known for the effectiveness and their simplicity. Psychiatric illnesses are conditions in which the mental wellbeing of the individual is not in the best state. Similar to physical illnesses, psychiatric illnesses are real and can be of many types. They can be both short terms and long term illnesses. While all people treat their physical illnesses, most do not get proper support and treatment for their mental illnesses. At Serene Life Hospital, we provide holistic care to all kinds of mental illnesses. These psychiatric illnesses may affect a number of aspects of the person’s life like their moods, interpersonal relationships, work, motivation, etc. These characteristics of the illness may be temporary, episodic in nature, persistent, etc. We treat all of these mental conditions. Our experienced psychiatrists in Chennai provide complete care to the mentally ill patients. We take into account, all the important factors like the age, profession and other variables to of the person to provide the best care for them. Our treatments methodologies include lifestyle changes, counselling sessions, pharmacotherapy and psychotherapies. Schizophrenia is a kind of psychiatric illness that has dire consequences on the personal and social life of the patient. The condition in which the affected person can no longer differentiate between the reality and the hallucination is called as schizophrenia. Many a time, the affected person perceives the reality in a different way. It is heavily influenced by the imaginations and stories that the individual believes. This can even affect the way in which the individual speaks and interacts with others. As a result, treating schizophrenics is hard. It needs a complete lifestyle change, use of psychotropic drugs, psychotherapies, etc. At Serene Life Hospital, we have the best facilities to handle such conditions of the patients. Our mental clinic in Chennai provides utmost care to the affected patients and help them in their personal recovery. Bipolar Affective Disorder as the name suggests is the condition in which the individual experiences polar opposite conditions without any gradual changes. This condition causes the patient to have extreme mood swings, experience emotions that are good at one instant and very depressing or bad at the other. These cycles can last for days, weeks or more than that also. There can also be episodes in which the person goes to the extreme and takes drastic decisions. One can also indulge in self-harm or harming others due to paranoia during depressive episodes. These times can be very demanding on the patient and they may feel exhausted always. Similarly during manic episodes, they might be in a state of euphoria, when they spend money for no reason, give away money or be completely active throughout the day which can be had for others to understand. These polar opposites exists inside the same person and no one can predict when the other extreme might kick in. Although there are no cures for the conditions there are many treatment methods that can reduce the effects and help the person to lead a life like every others.

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