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Address: 2-1-46, Sri Rangarayanim Residency, Srinagar, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India, 533003
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S.O.S. Sounds familiar right? We relate it to the most important lifesaving acronym SAVE OUR SOUL! The name itself stress on the impact it has on an individual who needs help for sustaining the emotional and physical ordeal he faces in his life. Let it be a person, stranded on an island or a vagabond in search of a solace. Every one of us needs that beacon of light to show us the right path. We need guidance, consoling, empathy, support, love and warmth from the people whom we care for and whom we expect to be there when you need them. Life becomes more happy and peaceful when the mind is at rest and the soul is at peace.

This is what motivated Dr.Vijayalakshmi Damera for the initiation of this Institution. Service to the mankind as its main motto, and to provide the support base to the clients to cope with their personal and professional life, S.O.S. was spearheaded a decade ago to promote welfare of the society, in a sense, to provide psychological counselling pertaining to every individual irrespective of his/her social standing. Initially, S.O.S. counselled people free of cost as it wanted to cater to a larger part of the society. S.O.S., conducted a number of workshops and camps to provide comfort and support to people who faced problems in their professional and personal life. Students, housewives, professionals, aimless, unemployed, you name it and S.O.S. was there to help them out from their misery.

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