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Address: # 58-1-343/3 , NAD K ROAD, BAJI JUNCTION, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, 530027
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Sun Homeocare is a multi speciality Homoeo clinic started by Dr Vamsi Krishna Balivada in 2013 at Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh. The uniqueness of Sun Homeocare is patient oriented service,which has gained lots of public appreciation over a short period of time. HOMOEOPATHY is an art of healing founded by a German physician named Dr..Samuel Hahnemann in late 17th century.After so many years of experiments on both healthy and sick individuals he discoverd  "SIMILIMA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR"  means "LIKE CURES LIKE". Which means if a medicine can create a disease condition in a healthy individual it can cure the same disease in a sick individual.This discovery changed the approach of treating the sick from pathetic way to simple and easiest way without any side effects. In this busy and cut throat competitive world..people are running with time for their future..forgetting to live in the present..leading life mechanically ...without any healthy social relations...with tonns of psychological stress...target oriented jobs...leading to many diseases ..It is not a surprise to say that the diseases are growing proportionate to technology.As the technology increases day by day the diseases are growing at a double pace.Homoepathy is the best solution for this.It increases the immunity of the individual which protects from diseases. Homeopathy treatment is based on physical,general,psychological,genetical and pathological planes.This is known as constitutional Homoeopathy treatment.Researches showed that constitutional treatment yeilds better results for any chronic and acute illness.

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