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Address: 36, Chandralok, Kapoorthala Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, 226024
Vendor Types: Trader
Currency: BYR (Rubles)






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Company Details

Surendra Electronics is an enterprise that started on 17th February, 1963 and continues to serve its customers till date. We started manufacturing radios under the brand name Sonata. This journey in retailing electronics goods was started by late Shree Sitaram Mehra and his sons Mr. Surendra Kumar Mehrotra and Mr. Satish Kumar Mehrotra. We are one of the oldest electronics dealers in Lucknow, proud of having a huge satisfied clientele ranging from individuals to various Government and private organisations. We have always carried the top most electronic brands since our inception and even in these highly competitive times, we continue to generate exceptional volumes of sales of top most brands due to the trust and satisfaction of our Lucknowites. We thank our customers through this platform for rewarding us with their trust over the years and we promise to bring happiness to their homes through our products and services.

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