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Address: H no:- 3A, East Extn, Sec-1B, Trikuta Nagar, jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India, 180020
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Mukhya Sadhak (Master Teacher)
Anil Gupta ( Swaraj ) a certified Yoga professional By QCI Govt. of India (Regn. Number QCI/PQMS/2017/00391)

What made him to get into Yoga :
An Engineer from University of Poona and Post Graduate in Management who worked in corporate world was leading a successful and so called happy materialistic life. As he reached the age of 35 yrs, the pulls and pressures of his life and work afflicted him with bodily ailments and slowly one after other – Lifestyle diseases started showing one or other symptoms. He became a classical bunch of numerous lifestyle diseases .
One fine morning his spine got locked and doctors diagnosed it as PIVD (prolapsed inter vertebra disc – a back ache issue) and suffered subsequently a severe setback which confined him to Bed and wheel Chair . Trauma was so worst that he was advised to stop driving and even sitting cross legs. Sciatica Nerve Pain, Acid Reflux , IBS ( Irritable Bowl Syndrome), Frequent headaches, Cervical spondylitis ( Stiff Neck and Pain ), Frozen Shoulder ,Allergic Rhinitis ,and Inguinal hernia (in right side Pubic Bone ) are the gifts he received from his stressful corporate life style .He was fed up taking pills after pills of Allopathic drugs to treat plethora of ailments .
In search of relief from alternative health care , studied Hatha Yoga and became an ardent follower of Hatha Yoga Pradipika ( By Sage – Swatmaram ). He started practicing Yoga under the able guidance of teachers of Bharitya Yog Sansthan and attended various workshops with their senior learned Yoga Gurus like Shree Prakash Lal and Shree Rishi Sharma of BYS .
His passion and sacred knot with yoga continued beyond his personal physical gains . While continuing and enhancing his self study , he was influenced by Iyengar Yoga techniques which are famous for Yoga Asanas with lot of props , precision and ease .He has attended workshops and classes with renowned yoga teachers of Iyengar techniques .He made up his mind to pay back to this ancient divine science by guiding and teaching others , but was not convinced with this idea of teaching . He felt the need that before he gets into Yoga teaching , he must have some certification as it is the matter of some bodies health and precious life and guiding people with half baked Yoga knowledge may hamper Yoga aspirants and result into suffering of them rather than offering any benefit to them . To authenticate his knowledge , he appeared for Yoga certification of QCI-level 1 ( Govt of India ) and qualified as Yoga professional in 2017 .He had also done a teacher program from Kevalaya Dham Lonavala Pune .
Certification Details : QCI has designed the Scheme for Certification of Yoga Professionals by adopting the principles and requirements laid down in the international standard, ISO/IEC 17024:2012 (E) The draft Competence Standard for this certification was prepared by engaging group of experts having knowledge on different schools of Yoga.This included School of Ashtang Yoga, Shivananda School of Yoga with Ashatang Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy, Ashtang Yoga of Patanjali Yoga Sutra .To qualify for this certification, one should have in-depth understanding of Yoga subjects like -Introduction to Yoga and Yogic Practices, Hatha Yoga , Patanjali Yoga,  

Human Systems, Yoga and Health, Yoga for Wellness- Prevention and Promotion of Positive Health, Stress Management etc. Skills in Sukshma Vyayama ,Surya Namaskar , Asana , Pranayama and Practices leading to Meditation and finally Demonstration Ability, Principles and Skills for Educating Aspirants , and capability to apply effective teaching methods to design and implement group programs .
Professional Life of Master Teacher : Although he is working as a Managing Director/Director for Few companies , and as a social reformer associated with world renowned NGO’s –but his utmost priority and passion for Yoga has finally become a priority mission of his life .Yoga is his passion and not profession .
Indian Yoga Association : 


Swami Ramdev ji is the Chairman of the Governing Council and Guruji Dr HR Nagendra is the President. Founded under the legendary Yogi Padma Vibhushan Late Dr BKS Iyengar ji, Anil Swaraj appointed as a Parchar Secretary of Indian Yoga Association ( J&K chapter ) . 

To know about aims and objectives of Indian Yoga Association visit :

Swaraj Kendra for Yoga (Bamboo Yogshala ) : To pay back to YOGA and his obeisance to the ancient divine science, he started teaching Yoga in his free morning and evening hours and works as a Nomadic Yoga Instructor too, who teaches wherever he travels . He has also established a Yoga studio named SKY- Bamboo Yogshala ( aesthetically designed with serenity of natural Bamboos to give yoga lovers a complete solace while practicing Yoga and utilises the studio for the promotion and practice of  Yoga .The classes are also held by him at venue of  SARV UTHAN TRUST , Sec 3 , Channi Himmat , Jammu . A group of teachers are grooming under his guidance to support different yoga sessions .Female classes are separately taken by female teachers trained by him and professionally qualified too.

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