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Address: beside Sri Prakash Eye Hospital, Sainagar Main road, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India, 515001
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Company Details

Taha had a history spanning over years. Founded in 2003, Taha naturals is a pioneer in deriving science based dietary ingredients from food chain raw materials and herbs.

People started realizing the importance of ancient knowledge of Ayurveda & going Back to Nature. Taha naturals specializes in helping people achieve a state of wellness through Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine or Herbal Supplement.

Let me take you to a start where actually the “Taha naturals” is inspired from Dr. Malik Basha the founder of Taha naturals, has well reputation and thousands of happy customers, is the third generation in his family working on Ayurveda.

His father and his fore father who has worked as an aasthan doctors at “Gurramkonda Nawaabs Palace”, they used to practice a very different type of treatment for the female members of the palace as they have a custom that third person is not supposed to see the queen whether it be doctors. In such cases the tie a rope to the queens wrist and its taken till the doctor where he studies her pulse basing on the vibrations of the rope and then diagnose the problem and the put her under the perfect medication. They have some secret recipes for the kings family and works like wonders.

Where Dr Malik Saheb has derived those unique formulas of preparing all the products which at time was only confined to king and family by translating those extraordinary recipes which are penned it on palm leaves.

This way Taha naturals has its uniqueness when compared to the other ayurvedic products available over-the-counter.

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