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Address: 204, 2nd Floor, Ocean Commercial Complex, Opposite Vadodara Cendral Mall, Near Genda Circel, Genda Circle, Vadodara, Gujarat, India, 390023
Vendor Types: Service Provider
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  • SWEDISH MASSAGE60 Minutes 2,200 
  • 90 Minutes 2,800Swedish massage, pioneered in 1812 by Henri peter ling, is the manipulation of the superficial layer of the muscles against the bone, it relaxes the body, clears tactic acid and removes metabolic waste products and increases circulation, and can help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness.
  • AROMA MASSAGE60 Minutes 2,200 
  • 90 Minutes 2,800A holistic experience used by Egyptians in their daily lives 3000 years before Christ, is based on the application of carefully blended essential oils in a nourishing vegetables base using lymphatic and pressure point massage techniques to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. Choose from the healing properties of oils to suit your condition – relaxing, uplifting, detoxifying and attraction oil to intensify therapeutic effect of this massage.
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE60 Minutes 2,400 
  • 90 Minutes 3,000Deep Tissue Massage – Invented by Theresa Primmer in 1949 to cure paralysis of legs-digs deeper within the body to work out knots and kinks that can affecting the blood flow and therefore oxygen distribution to care muscles. The strokes are targeted, movements is slower and pressure is deeper. It relieves areas of tension and pain such as stiff necks.
  • BALINESE MASSAGE60 Minutes 2,400 
  • 90 Minutes 3,000Balinese massage is full body deep tissue holistic treatment that combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aroma therapy to stimulate circulation, case muscular/joint pain and helps in sports injuries and migraine.
  • TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE60 Minutes 1,800Traditional Thai Massage also known as passive yoga, stretches. Thai massage revitalizes both body and mind and balances the energy flow within. Therapist will tailor each treatment to meet your individual needs.

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