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(+91) 2536698871

(+91) 2536698871

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Address 7, Rushiraj Heights, Mahatma Nagar,, Parijat Nagar, Nashik,Maharashtra,India
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It was 10 years back, Shivani the daughter of my gardener met with an accident which resulted in breaking of her three front teeth. This required dental replacement which was beyond the means for her family. The situation required frequent visits to a dental clinic and the treatment was expensive. Thankfully, I had the means to help them and Shivani smiled once again.This incident created a major impact in my life realizing that dental treatment in facilities in our country are not adequate and are way too expensive. This thought made me envision a world class treatment centre accessible for everyone. The vision was to create world class facilities for dental treatment under one roof that is affordable for everyone. This led to the development of an advanced dental clinic and research centre at Nashik for the benefit of everyone under the parent company Jyoti ceramic.

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